All Zirconia Crowns and Bridges.

VitalityTM full contour zirconia crowns and bridges provide a super- competitive priced all-ceramic alternative to full cast or metal occlusal crowns, which are still strong enough to resist forces applied by bruxers and grinders who might well have destroyed other restorations.

In today’s competitive market there is need for an economy, no frills sister product to accompany the popular very high translucency zrAdvanceTM full contour zr crowns and bridges, that still meets the quality standards we like to maintain.

VitalityTM is made from a high translucency zirconia and is ideal for heavy bites in the posterior region.

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Is made from high translucency medical grade isostatic zirconia in our Bristol milling centre
Has a exural strength of over 1150 MPa. At 1150 +/-50 MPa, VitalityTM can be used for both single and bridge cases
Can be made with a veneer cutback for porcelain
Can be used in cases where the prep cannot be reduced by much.
Saves tooth structure
Shoulder prep not required
No biocompatibility issues… zirconia is a proven tissue friendly material for oral use
Is backed up by Bristol Crown’s service excellence and supplied with a no quibble 5 year guarantee against failure
Matches the precise t of all our zirconia products
Is stained by hand to give both a dentine and enamel shading
Virtually unbreakable AnD chip-proof


High Translucency (+15%)
Available in 19 Colors
Flexural Strength > 1150 MPa
5 Year Guarantee
Launched in 2015
Strength & Biocompatibility Tested


Conventional cementation with non expanding resin modified glass ionomer ( Fuji gC or 3M Espe Rely X Unicem or Ultimate)

The Material

VitalityTM is made from a high translucency zirconia. There are two main factors affecting the translucency of zirconia:

i. grain size and structure – the smaller and more homogenous the particles are, the greater the translucency.

ii. Aluminium oxide – the less Alo2 in the zirconia the better the translucency. However, Alo2 is responsible for aging resistance, so really we need to keep it.

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VitalityTM uses high quality zirconia with certain re nements to the grain size and crystal structure. This maintains the high exural strength and also maintains its aging resistance while increasing the translucency by around a further 20%.