Exceptional Translucency ZR.

SpectraMax™ is Bristol Crown’s latest zirconia with exceptional translucency! Introduced in 2014 our SpectraMax™ crowns have proved to be hugely popular. It is particularly suitable for the anterior tooth region but can be used anywhere in the mouth. We can do single crowns, inlays, onlays and bridges with a maximum of 3 units.

These can all be fully anatomic or reduced for porcelain addition. We use Exocad software for our SpectraMax™ Crowns which we believe has the best library of occlusals available.

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Is made from a highly translucent, fully biocompatible isostatic zirconia in our Bristol milling centre
At 600 MPa it is much stronger than lithium disilicate but has the same translucency!
Is available in the full range of VITA colours including bleaching shades
Can be designed with or without a cutback for porcelain
Can be used in cases where the prep cannot be reduced by much. Saves tooth structure
Shoulder prep not required
Is backed up by Bristol Crown’s service excellence and supplied with a no quibble 5 year guarantee against failure
Precision milling using the latest CAD/CAM technology creates consistently precise fits


Maximum Translucency
Available in 19 Colors
Flexural Strength > 600 MPa
5 Year Guarantee
Track Record Since 2014
Strength & Biocompatibility Tested


Conventional cementation with non expanding resin modified glass ionomer (Fuji GC or 3M Espe Rely X Unicem or Ultimate)

Exceptional Translucency

SpectraMax™ offers exceptional translucency, making it particularly suitable for the anterior tooth region.

SpectraMax™ is zirconia without glass. It contains about 6 mol% Y2O3 (Yttrium) instead of 3 mol% Y2o3 for normal dental zirconia. It contains around 50% tetragonal phase and 50% cubic phase.

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Because the cubic phase is more translucent and has lower strength, the SpectraMax™ has a lower strength, around 600MPa, and a high translucency of 49%.

Furthermore, SpectraMax™ medical grade Zirconia is fully biocompatible and isostatic.