No Frills Zirconia.

JustZr™ was our second ‘own brand’ of zirconia products, launched in 2010. In todays competitive market, we saw the need for an economy, no frills zirconia at a super low price, that still met the quality standards we like to maintain.

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Is made from medical grade isostatic zirconia in our Bristol milling centre
Has a flexural strength of over 1250 MPa
Is available in the full range of VITA colours including bleaching shades
No biocompatibility issues… Zirconia is a proven tissue friendly material for oral use
Is backed up by Bristol Crown’s service excellence and supplied with a no quibble 5 year guarantee against failure
Precision milling using the latest CAD/CAM technology creates consistently precise fits


Medium – High Translucency
Available in 19 Colors
Flexural Strength > 1250 MPa
5 Year Guarantee
Strength & Biocompatibility Tested


Conventional cementation with non expanding resin modified glass ionomer ( Fuji GC or 3M Espe Rely X Unicem or Ultimate)

Why Isostatic

Many zirconias are pressed in only one direction. This is called uniaxial pressing and produces blocks that are inconsistent in density from one part of the material to the other. This results in uneven shrinkage which can lead to poorly fitting margins and can produce chips and microcracks.

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JustZr is isostatic, which means it is pressed from all directions. This results in an even density over the whole block and can be relied on to produce consistent and accurate margins whether milling single units or large spans. Isostatically pressed zirconia is more expensive to produce but is essential for a guaranteed marginal fit, strength and longevity.